Wednesday, October 31, 2007

fronds, rummies & country ladies

with some coworkers and cohorts talkie21 produced a commercial for peer1.

it's up on the mighty internet and twould benefit the likes of me and further commercials and all those involved if ye stopt by and hadda looksee.

many thankings and suchlinesses...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

good morning morning

good morning morning--

sometimes i wake up
feeling left out in
the waking world.

i liked the idea
of morning
when it ws dark
& cold
& i ws outside
alone & walking.

i felt okay then
on my way
in no ex

it's morning
with light & bustle
traffic, pain & people

the glare and gare
of walking for hopeful waking
mumble & fumble
bumble for change

i'll take the warmth of sunlight

& if i have to choose
btw laughter & violence

i'll laugh til it just aint funny.

with wonder at what
is in a day.

in lefthanded diligence,

yr constituent

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

facile validity; valid facility

i'm lefthanded still
& sick of not doing things

warm day in the sun
over a steady bridge
not to burn
when ye come to it

an example
of forward motion
on valid architecture
& facile engineering

of a descent
below the bricks
to hit

you walk the same
no matter
which hand ye have
to write with.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

edgar oliver reading

edgar oliver read his new book of poems: summer.

8pm october 23

rapture cafe & books
200 avenue A btw. 12 & 13

come. buy books.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

jersey city, a new chapbook & edgar oliver reads

you'll find me & pressings there saturday at 4pm.

jersey city is fully full of art all wknd long. oh joy to joizie city.

i'll have my new chapbook. 'ursus horribilis'. or 'ernest vs. the demon bear' an illustrated long poem about fighting a giant bear. jeff burns contributed art in addition to the drawings i did. first thing i've made of mine. oilcan press presents #3. yippy. i'll do a run of 25 to start. 5 bucks.

upcoming are a couple dalachinsky chapbooks, me blogging here more, eye socket, an edgar oliver reading @ rapture cafe & books on ave A (btw 12 & 13) october 23 at 8pm. for his new chapbook 'Summer'...