Tuesday, September 30, 2008

thundah on the tundra: or napalm for the polar bears

this is about shooting wolves from an airplane or helicopter if ye got one.


some folks might think hunting is wrong, cruel, savage, fun, licklipping, necessary etc.

all in all i'd never get in someone's way who wants to legally hunt. (only partly b.c they have a weapon.)

i would hope that people choose to hunt so that they might live more closely to our earth. really, if you're gonna kill somethin i hope you plan to eat it. why else would you kill it? oh right, trophies.

i dont think wolves are high on the fine dining menu. humans dont eat too many hunters. (admittedly wolves are omnivores. not complete meat-eaters like t-rex or kitty cats. essentially, wolves are pack-hunters. like a pride o lions.) you dont want to eat that high up the food chain. it's where all the bad things gather. b.c wolves eat the things below & gain the toxins found in their prey. like the polar bear: top of the foodchain. toxic liver. high levels of mercury & other pollutants throughout the system of the largest carnivore on land.

wolves eat many small animals. Aaaand, as a pack they are able to catch bigger things. teamwork results in a greater yield. a pack of wolves can take the stragglers, young and weaklings of a caribou or moose herd thereby feeding the puppies and strengthening the herd of moose by culling the weakest beasts. oh cruel nature's hand.

let's get an airplane, top-shelf optical equipment(spotting scopes and binoculars) & some high powered rifles.

let's kill wolves from a moving vehicle.

see, it's pretty much illegal to hunt from a motor vehicle or airplane. most places in america. somehow someone got the idea that that would not be sporting.

if yr gonna hunt something you gotta do it on nature's terms. tracking. or hide & waiting. one on one battle is unlikely.

some links about wolf hunting:




if yr gonna hunt wolves do it on the ground.

if yr gonna support hunting from an airplane: shame on you.

i can't really talk about governor palin's decision to sue over the protection of polar bears b.c of the possible intrusion on oil & natural gas profits.


i have more passionate respect for polar bears than any politician.

polar bears & their dwindling habitat needs be protected.

any opposition to polar bear protection is fully humanly selfish. perhaps we should reconsider restrictions on protecting humans.