Thursday, July 21, 2011


shirts by mindbum
shirts, a photo by mindbum on Flickr.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

an intimate sunday session july 24, 2011: edgar oliver & amerigo mackeral & the octave doktors

an intimate sunday session @ the eclectic musical institute featuring two talkings presented by

Edgar Oliver
Amerigo Mackeral & the Octave Doktors

Attendance from 3 to 8 pm is encouraged with serious speaking starting at
 5pm      July 24, 2011 
Bring refreshments, hats, eclectic mewsickal apparatawalrusses & an attentive ear to
756 Manhattan Avenue Apt #3
Greenpoint, Brooklyntowne

the octave doktors are: 

aaron howard, adam parr, alex colwell, edgar oliver, gwen krueger, jeff burns, ned wilbur & pat cuatico 
with other possible additions

We would like to call the attention of Doktors to to the above Institution as a place for the treatment of those obstinate cases of chronic sonic pain & ennui.  These Octave Doktors will relate & expound upon the sounds of the world, the musickal remedies for the commonest & rarest of complaints;  Employing Electro-Magnetickal Musical Apparati in closest association with ancientest most far-easternest sonic devices.  Our institution is under the special supervision of Doctors & Specialists who are highly qualified to administer treatment to all patients who are placed under their care. 

Don’t forget your finest chapeau!