Sunday, March 15, 2009

if an atlas is an exit pps 26-27 [crossing the williamsburg bridge]

if an atlas is an exit page 16

the snow lasts in the margins of architecture
the shade of buildings
the lee side of an abandoned vehicle
tops of train trestles & bridgework.

the snow wonders if it will be saved
by re-enforcements
or if it will sublimate
into the dry nothingness of cold winter air.

the sun insists its way through the clouds.
i will warm your atmosphere
for surely is it cold.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

if an atlas is an exit pps 54-55

if an atlas is an exit pps 54-55

oceania and the pacific ocean

how can you make a national monument in the central pacific?
why don't we have a bridge connecting all our colonies & territories?
a physical line like a space elevator
or bait on a hook
at the end of the line.
windowpanes, pulleys & planks
a bridge over a river.
a line over a line.
a line connecting two islands.
look, that's real.
steadfast shall it hold
these islands together
a tether for a way to get there.

if an atlas is an exit: pps 42-43

if an atlas is an exit page23

some ideas fill the margins of pages of maps.
i enjoy the struggle to write while riding a bus.
a behemoth in motion. a line of bored people on wheels.
you got to have a way. even in asia.
hereabouts we have public transportation.

i dont really remember anything about the book.
except that i remember it all.
the nuances & the ideas.
the particulars are doggedly mysterious.