Thursday, August 9, 2007

behind the beet

i have an enormous beet
the size of a small head

it feels deeply red
a fine crust of field dirt
barely tints the water
in the washing bowl.

this small head
of a beet? (is roots more like feet?)

an almost recognizable visage
could come to life
if it ws paired
with the burled and gnarled piece
of heavy driftwood
i've always thought looked
like little otik.

it would produce
a dire circumstance
should the beethead find its way
into the aquarium

& this plantly pair
thread itselves together
combine into
a burgeoning new lifeform
in the amniotic fishtank.

that little ecosystem
wouldnt hold out long
in the face of a being
that big.

this teakbeet
would easily escape
& live its myth
devouring all.

pets & people & passersby

the roots of the apocalypse
rest in an enormous beethead
on a precipice.

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