Monday, April 21, 2008

oilcan noise: 2 new tracks

eddie & angela of lone vein came over to the aquacade last week to do an edgar allan poe track & an edgar oliver track. well, i rather like both those edgars so i pressed the record button. to hear 'ligeia' & 'making love to the dead' look there

to check out and buy angela & eddie's many other creations:

can you hear that? edgar oliver

diagonal eddie bluelight

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this! "Love after death" is my favorite of Edgar's solo performance works.

He recited it the night we met, at "The Last Will & Testament of Quentin Crisp," in 1996. Held in the tiny Kraine theatre of the KGB bar, there were swarms of young bohemians on the floor clustered round Penny Arcade, Mr. Crisp, Edgar, and the other performers of the evening.

Edgar & I spent the rest of the evening drinking wine with George D, eating wax turnip stew, and holding forth on poetry and art.

Every time I visit NYC, I take Edgar to the opera. How I adore that man!

Mr. Merlin