Monday, November 24, 2008

buy america! buy art!

hello america & friends,

this year's holiday hopes are dashed on the rocks of cheapness and poison foreign milk. but, you can still buy american and float on the curds & whey of change.

that's right laydees & gennelmen, this year i'm selling things i've made with my own two hands on the livingroom floor to the sounds of running water and frolicking felines. sometimes i use a table.

you can contribute to the cats' food & my newly blossoming rubber stamp habit. (wow are rubber stamps awesome)

i've made an etsy shoppe:

but what? what could it be?

boxes. containers. the empty within.

i've lately been covering empty cigar boxes with pages from the encyclopedia britannica (ca. 1880). these wooden boxes are ideal for keeping yr notecards in, or your toy soldiers, seashells, stones & acorns. jewels, jujubes & typewriter ribbons.

and, billy-be-damned, they're purty.

also, in existence to be acquired: BOOKS

2 books of poetry by edgar oliver with art by a variety of brigandly bohemians.

'a portrait of new york by a wanderer there'

aaaaand, 'ursus horribilis or ernest & the demon bear' a poem & art by me. with additional art by jeff burns.

custom colors or concepts for boxes are gladly solicited. if you want sevral boxes a bundle can be composed and price reductions instituted.

it's art. it's vaguely useful. it's for you.

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