Monday, September 28, 2009

strangers carry weather maps in their pockets.

strangers carry weather maps in their pockets. drifting geometry of isothermals & such sully the borders. drifting lines of shifting topography of the skies. how wind works. how clouds move. the way weather works. the motion. air currents. like similar maps of currents in oceans or any large body of water.

currents and time play ideas across these pages. maps tell motion. even if weather's mostly a guess.

the notion of the motion of the skies. the whys of air. wind. rain. clouds. answers in the atmosphere.

isobars. directions. ideas. these sustaining winds bring as prizes. long journeys into night air.

these sustaining winds. these moving drafts. curtailing draughts. rafts in time & air.

these sustaining winds prevail throughout the limitless night. these things carry us. brought by wind. took by a gale.


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