Thursday, February 7, 2013

design: covers, cards, flyers & posters

john sinclair & hollow bones -- honoring the local godsthe poetry killer by edgar oliverthe new Brooklyn Public Library coverzen monster #3 coverjohn sinclair & hollow bones -- honoring the local godshermit pkg prototype cover
hermit pkg prototypebook of broken pages page 1broken pages 3 coverbook of broken pages 1peking doc:  eugene chadbournethe jack n jim show:  eugene chadbourne & jimmy carl black
eye socket #1 an epistolary zinehermit pkg prototype insidehermit face proto 4a reading by edgar oliveredgar oliver: the statue @ gershwin hotel april 5, 2011monsters & flowers
edgar oliver reads his new book of poems:  summer.sandy paul:  featuring edgar oliver & sean lewisedgar oliver reading & book o poemsDEE DEE IS PREGNANTcabinursus horribilis
covers, cards, flyers & posters

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