Tuesday, March 4, 2014

on the hook: the new album by amerigo mackeral & the octave doktors



 the new handmade, hand printed album by amerigo mackeral & the octave doktors ‘on the hook’ is 13 tracks of words & music to rearrange yr meowlecules. the inimical music of the spears will aid in the pricking of your thumbs…

for a taste:


jeff burns - banjo, bass
pat cuatico - guitar
aaron howard - vox, jew’s harp, whistle, bells, melodica
sami buccella - bass, organ, typewriter, percussion
sarah moskowitz - bass, uke, vox, drums, typewriter
brian sloan - vox


emma donnelly - bass, melodica, percussion
dennis osorio - bass, melodica, typewriter
alex colwell - drums

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