Friday, June 29, 2018

the first issue of our magazine features words, art & photos from more than fifty contributors. we've collected interesting & varied work exploring our loose themes & moving right along. these 150 pages let you know there are ways of thinking. each copy comes with surprise whales & extra hand-pulled whale prints. 150pps. 8.5 x 11".

asc helvetius
jinn bug
andy lachance
devin person
victoria brockmeyer
b.b. grimm
steve dalachinsky
the letter K
ernestus jiminy chald
yuko otomo
aaron howard
lorry kikta
molly charlotte edminster
kenny lapins
tom bair
miekal aND
kenton deAngeli
sarah moskowitz
angela rogers
quinn daly
jon levin
ron whitehead
olafur gunnarsson
honey martin
jojo Lazar
lisa richter
keri smith
lottie brazier
edgar oliver
louise oliver
silent james
brandon floyd
naomi gold
brent bechtel
billy cancel
dwight peters
ghost lee pat
margot eberle
margaux galli
liz scales
pamala rogers
michal szostalo
genevieve de angelis
julien poirier
lieke koopmans
al cummins
jc oddities market
asc alchemical
it is whales time

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