Tuesday, April 7, 2009

johann gutenberg

hear a poem that came from dictionary entries & encyclopedias: johann gutenberg

even honorarily, by a synthesis of the
facts in the case of one john or johann
gutenberg, his mother’s name. he was
born between 1398 & 1410. having endured
a lengthy gestation, he lived til 1468.
there was no america then. nothing like
a new world was yet found.

johann gutenberg invented movable type.
movable type: letters that are movable,
positionable, re-usable. a revolution
in printing, the dissemination of infor
mation. knowledge. in 1455 gutenberg’s
large fol io bible was completed. several
other indulgences were printed in the interim.
notably indulgence number three of 1454.
his fortune ran genrally monetarily unlu
cky and crackpotickally inventive. he w
as convincing enough to get a number of
his ventures funded. johann gutenberg
hailed from mainz, near frankfurt, germa
ny. books were handwritten things. the
slow study of strokes encircling meaning.
johann gutenberg owed johann faust gold.

johann gutenberg, thought to be the inve
ntor of movable type. separate pieces of
type provide re-usability. flexibility.
speed, the ability to think faster. a
fashion of quicker forward movement who
johann hadnt dreamed he’d be serving.
in 1465 a noble or another handed johann
a hat with so big a feather it meant he
got paid for wearing it. so, johann had
a position for the final three years of
his life. furnished some comfort for the
things he’d once done to the benefit of
those following, the ones to come. good
thing johann gutenberg believed in magick.
johann’s movable type faces up to facility
in printing. rapidity in production and
distribution. evident progress in page-
filling & all manner of voluminous garble
readily splattered virgin sheets of vell
um fresh. it’s not even a fantasy-advent
ure story or an ecclestiasickal mystery.
crackpot means genius duly unrealized. a
sure sign of truth in progress, leave the
guy what thought u p something nice to a
mere three years of feathered hat import.
johann gutenberg invented movable type.


johann gutenberg

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