Friday, April 3, 2009

letters from woodrow


tierra del fuego is a lonely windblown rock. there are goofy cute blue penguins i’ve decided to study. i shall learn from them as a library of nature’s diving fishermen. i have chose a remote outpost & my brother has immersed himself in the bustlings of industry & finance & the accompanying furious pace of the metropolis. which is arguably a lonely windblown rock.

here in the land of fire at the edge of inhabitable earth all the elements bare themselves and pour forth their energies.

these bustling energies, the earth’s own humors and emotions, bile and spleen, along with the blue penguins & a few mute indians with large dirty feet will be my sole companions and my great professors.

please send my love to my only brother.

yours in elemental love & flightless seabirds,

top pop--

i have arrived at my windswept isle destination. mud & grass can be used to fill the gaps between the planks of my own personal shack, when mud can be found. the previous occupant fell off a boat on his way back to the island after a rare holiday.

the roof of the shack is tin & flaps in the wind. i have climbed the ladder a dozen times to nail the corners of the tin down again in only a handful of days.

the process of acclimation has been difficult. ah but the job. officially, i am an observer. �but, i could not long resist slaughtering large numbers of little blue penguins wantonly. the carnage is endless. all is bloody. i use a club, mostly. times come i throttle the penguins with my bare hands. it is satisfying to watch the light of their life dim to darkness in their eyes. the skins produce a favorable hide of a blue hue. the carcasses posses a luscious meat.

your in open-handed savagery,

most gracious pappy--

the penguins emit a precious high pitch honking, a flightless cacaphony of flapping. they are not afraid of man. each day is gladly the same as the prior. bird murder, skinning, salting, tanning tiny hides, cooking, eating, shitting. rinse and repeat.

the slaughter is endless. an open ended contract of elimination. an economic boom on this forlorn windtorn rock until the birds migrate, return to the sea.

here all facets of life are focused on the birds. there is a large pile of bones outside the shack. many pairs of little blue webbed feet bound with scurvy grass hangin from the rafters of the shack.

yours under swaying legs,


next time i write you i’ll live somewhere new. i sent myself a postcard. it will get there before i do. i hope i sent it to the right place. i’ve had enough of the penguins. all i wear is blue. i prefer the white meat. but stew makes things grey. the stones and soles offer little sustenance. the cacti must be peeled. they wither in the broth with tangled roots and tiny overlooked feathers.

yours in birdskin with stringy wings,

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