Monday, August 22, 2011

burmese typer: olympia sm-3

olympia sm-3  burmesesilver spray painted underside of the burmese typerthe spraypainted evrythingno, really, they spraypainted evrything.olympia sm-3  burmeseolympia sm-3  burmese
olympia sm-3  burmeseolympia sm-3  englisholympia sm-3  burmese & englishtwo tones of green on the burmese typerthere's chrome under there

burmese typer: olympia sm-3, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
olympia sm-3 burmese

this machine types burmese. the language of burma. aka myanmar.

you'll notice the second row of keys has red keys. when struck these keys do not move the platen. so the next key struck will be connected to these characters. they represent vowel sounds. all the non-red keys advance the carriage as one would expect. very neat.

it was brought to me from burma by a wonderful friend.

apparently in the interest of 'cleaning the machine up' the sellers of this typer spraypainted the works. to make it shiny. like it was new. or clean. but really, it's shiny. with paint that will eventually gunk shit up. they painted springs. also, the body was painted. two tones of green.

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