Wednesday, June 24, 2015

dear willful ignorance,

dear willful ignorance,

arent you dandy.

batty justification,
imaginary preference,
automatic dismissal,
superficial superiority.

my shoes are cleaner than yours.  you are bad.

a string thinner than the slenderest sinew plays a note
that isnt there,
& that must mean something else.

oh, i dont know about that.

what can you learn if you wont think?

i dont want to know every detail of everything.
i want to know what makes things & why.

i miss pop culture.  i dont know the songs on the radio.
i dont have a teevee.  due to obsolescence:  i have an internet.

i wanto know why kids talk that way,
it's honest;
& i wish adults wouldnt talk the way they do,
it's not.

sometimes there's a bum
whose sorrow is too large
too strong for me to bear

& i cant look at them
i cant know evrything
in their eyes. 

it sucks to be too be too broke
to feed the other guy.

next time i can.

in willing discourse,

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