Tuesday, June 23, 2015


in 'a moveable feast' there's a story wherein ernie's wife is traveling to meet him for a writing retreat.  she dutifully packs up a suitcase with all his writings.  & the copies from the other suitcase. 

a nice heavy suitcase of manuscripts from a hundred years ago.  lovely typewritten pages, carbon copies, notes & folders.

the suitcase lost in transit. 

everything ernie had written to that point.  zoom, kapow, kaputski. 

ernie didnt take it very well.  he said & did a lot of nasty things & whined a bunch. 

sometimes you lose your suitcase. 

a few months ago my hard drive failed.  oh sorrow & woe. 

a couple weeks back, i was in chicago for work & i lost my notebook that had some 10 months of verbiage in it. grrr... i am usually good about not losing notebooks.   people paid shit money to do shit jobs throw things like this away.

it's sad.  but it wont kill nobody.  most important things were copied in some form elsewhere.  & it's a good suggestion for paying attention to what you're doing at any given moment. 

sometimes you lose your suitcase.

it's time to start afresh. 

it's time to remember to keep versions of things in different places.  if that poem is so lovely email it to yourself.  twice.  oooooor, maybe, just maybe, put it on your blog.  yes the long forgot blog you once started. 

i blogged consistently in the days of myspace.  it was pleasant to have a daily impetus to blather nothing or say something slightly more interesting.

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