Saturday, March 22, 2008

full-fledged train

with all its feathers
a-here we go

over the bridge.
an elevated road
over & above
up & away

far & away
above the fray

higher even
than george washington
on his tall pony

taller than streets
& signs & lights & time
it takes to crawl
with gravity down.

glitters on the rivers
different coloers
of different kinds
of lights.

colds & warms
reds & greens
& lost way blues.

over a bridge
the materials of

the pathways pass by
if yr not moving
then evrything else is

if evrything stands still
why am i sinking?

trainwheels tumble
& shine down
the incline

hew & call
fire & fall
dwn dwn dwn
into a place to exit
silver snake
into the gloom
of night punctuated
by these dashing colors.

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