Saturday, March 22, 2008

sun sets into dark

the day is beautiful.
dont need to close yr coat
or earmuffs.

tonight's low is forecast
at 47 degrees.

i'm still wearing long johns
b.c i wore them
the last sevral days
in these very pants.

gd for the deep freeze
of days ago.

slow roll turn the dogleg
from broadway to bridge.
pass another train.

sun sets south. west.
haze over late afternoon city.
skyline cuts black against
jersey's sky beyond.

another train passes.
color of the lights compliments
the color of water
the color of sky reflected.

trees of skeletals
of east river
park cut lines
another train passes.

the descent
sun lights bricks
the sky is
light against cold
into what lies under dark
into dark

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