Saturday, March 22, 2008

reminiscent of a lingering past

reminiscent of a lingering past
further dwn the pike
the train where the sun shines in
warmer than late
an EMT with an apparently snappy dog
both in vests
diagnoses a man
with a chest pain

-do you need medical attention?
-might be the coffee. what'd you eat? dont worry i'm also an EMT

he is serious & full of focus
but of what?

an old man tries to pet his dachsund.
the EMT jerks it away

-no no no

that focus.
the EMT turns back to the man

-you pulled a muscle

the man in pain
is middle age, sketchy black moustache
an unhappy cast to his pained face
i think the EMT is keeping his ye on me
keeping my eye on him.

i dont mind a cellphone conversation in spanish
i never even rally lookt
at the overly stylish girls
with nice boots
standing in front of me.

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