Thursday, October 22, 2009

birds of prey on christmas day

a bald eagle in a tree on a hill.
a rare sight.
i stopped the truck
and got out for a better look.

he was watchful on a high branch.
the biggest brand of eagle is astute.
one wing seemed to rest at a funny angle.
i worried this uncommon beast might be injured.

my concern made him nervous
as watchfulness turned to paranoia
he took to wing. so broad a span,
so tall a bird, sailed effortlessly,
every wingsweep redoubling speed and strength
away from the hill, across a bottom-field
of winter wheat toward the barely
more resonable location of Plattin Creek.

east of here a few miles runs the mississippi
where fish grow larger to suit the talons
of such a well-known hunter.

concern gave out in favor of awe
as he flew to a seat by the creek
a thousand yards away.

birds of prey find a way
to appear uncommonly.

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