Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oscar and Ringo

Oscar and Ringo back at it again
prego their way thru the wet streets of venice

drop ballast and quarter sticks of dynamite
for the fish nuzzling their feet

the spider in the bottom of the strega bottle
spins in the wake of crumpled gondolas

oversize girdles and tatted tablecloths straddle tightropes
pulleys and accordions shatter pieplates on windowsills

Oscar poles the boat with a dagger in his teeth
boots the Strega bottle to Ringo's toes

Ringo pumps the bellows
and tunes the accordion for rhubarb

the seagulls and staring women provide accompaniment
as the skiff slips under the ponte

bricks from the dark archway fall
into the spider's web as he sleeps

spiderbites punish the brick and chip its mortar
as it is wrapped tidily for boxing day

lemon lights shade doorjambs and stairwells
Oscar and Ringo stare back at the girls


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