Wednesday, October 7, 2009

launcelot's piecemeal nostalgia

guinevere has trailed off to the south
carted away with drunks and gypsies
the cock crew, he wept
and planted an olive tree
grew a cafe
and boiled colonel penobscott's clams
snails stare at work through pink squares

the rooster pecks peachpits and cottonseeds
the gin is out to pasture
out to get him
out of its gourd
feathers lay in stone rows
etched in color by the dragonslayer

dutch is torture
in the form of a tribal costume and dance
handcarved wooden lingerie and gouda shoes
windmill mandolins and spouting devils

whirling dervishes take dessert out of the freezer
serve coffee and witchazel quiche
hang sugar from the ceiling
nail trolls to the floor

the nude surrogate is on the dot
crested with thorny laurels
hearty industrial bathtubs pail out
maps of umbrellas in sunshine

the feathered feet stalk teddy roosevelt
and go to italy with bill hickock
it's a barnyard roadshow
teeming with indigenous eastern europeans
put a leash on the pitchforks
no dinner for the clotheshorse
put the midget's hat back in the cave

royal jelly is better than persimmons in spoons
and snorting the moon
iridescent nasal spray drips like dandruff
insulates shoehorn doilies

i name the rhode island red
one eviction away
i offer the baby carriage a hand
end up marching to the thumbnail
molting golden coins


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