Friday, October 23, 2009

winter wheat

one of the few green things to be found.

the lonely other candidates
are cedars, juniper bushes,
the local handful of evergreens.

pinetrees have to be imported.
the soil isnt sandy enough
for them to be indigenous.
clay and limestone are a poor substitute.

winter wheat is planted in the fall.
it grows more'n half a foot
& shines a potent green
all through the cold.

the deer munch it when a snow's on
& they cant find acorns.

come spring the wheat's got a head start.
the green gets stronger as it grows.
grainy heads are heavy
by late may or june
bout corn plantin time
green is gone brown
& the wheat is harvested.

stalks and chaff are expelled by the combine
& baled for straw. grain goes for feed.

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