Wednesday, October 7, 2009

woman buried in the fourposter cinematic bed

breast bared to the ogling stained glass across an asphalt financier's vapor trail
storeys angle up to an eastern tower
construction paper crows live it up on a ribbon of a mineral vein's flesh
window grate drawls with whine of building exhaust
breathing bricktipped cornerstone
names carved etched chiseled in pallid polished face

entrust lungs to doorknob recitation
the bare breast is an unmapped throne
not for disuse or forgetful anticipation
all planks smoothed to glass scythe
posthole diggers spark on the bedrock
doublebit slides through the bark like a hand through empty pockets

i waited for you
but the leftern bank was too western
polygons were perpendicular to honesty
and someone came to kill us

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