Wednesday, October 7, 2009

damascus steel and ermine fur

tall smokestacks replicated in Dixie or Louisiana
fuckin kids in the door and telephones falling from laps
cartesian well of crowding
on the basis of looking around
to meet a homelorn biographer or a farm store martyr
the peace pipe to portals abandoned in the sand
well-sodded portcullis unsure of his fame

flapping leather balances muffled coughs
asks for sugar to sip tea
slowpace telegram twittered through speakeasies
sideshow mutton racks douse the fabled mire
regal mousetraps in chimney sweep eyes
caught on the big top selling cigars
firecracker decadence in fender strewn woods
conspiracy sidewalks lack control
root word outcroppings batter the walls
advertised on billboards that cross the drawl
magpie watches the mice crown her king
camera full of pictures falls from the fire

wasteland of opportunity
meditate like pilate
over cannibal clout
icetray trajectories out of the iron garters
put the paper together
to get all the news
pieces of eight woven into a tapestry
with catgut and Kevlar yarn
nomadic tubercular alphabets
women exiled in certainty
blowhard morning earthquakes
dally longer on the threshold of open space

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